What is mobile services manager

What is mobile services manager?

Mobile Services Manager is an application, usually pre-installed on most US Android devices, especially those running Android OS version 4.4 or later. It is particularly common with certain carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Verizon. The initial Mobile Services Manager application was also popularly known as DT Ignite.

So, What does Mobile Services Manager do?

So, What does Mobile Services Manager do

Essentially, the application is essentially locked to the carrier’s Operating System installation process. So, even when users perform a factory reset on their devices, the Mobile Services Manager is not removed. It is simply re-enabled with each re-load. DT Ignite functions to install and update other applications on your carrier phone.

As many users found, the Mobile Services Manager downloads and installs applications without even notifying the users, much less requesting their permissions. Often, the applications downloaded are sponsored by their creators who pay the phone carriers to download and install them on their clients’ smartphones and tablets.

Why would carriers allow Mobile Services Manager?

Carriers who permit the application benefit because DT Ignite publishers pay the carriers to install their app on your device during set up automatically.

What else can Mobile Services Manager do?

What else can Mobile Services Manager do

The Mobile Services Manager can spam you with notifications suggesting other applications you should download. It can also use up your data while installing apps you neither need nor approved. It has unlimited access to your private device information and is “always on.” There is no way to decline this application at your device’s initial booting or after you perform a factory reset.

You should also know that this Mobile Services Manager places your device at a higher risk of attack from viruses or other malware because it has full permission to install applications, even from non-Play Store servers. In addition to using up your data, the software also decreases your device’s memory capacity, so if you keep having issues with device memory filling up, check your device for this application.

Scarier, however, is the fact that this application is not recognized as malware, no matter how long you scan your device because the creators of the app have their services utilized by nearly all other antivirus and antimalware software for android users.

How can I get rid of this application?

How can I get rid of this application

Experts highly advise disabling the Mobile Services Manager as soon as you complete your new device set up. Do not wait until you begin to notice new unpermitted applications on your device[G19].

Bear in mind that turning off this app does not affect your device negatively. Actually, if there are any apps usually updated via this app alone and not through the Play Store, they automatically update when you open them.

You can likely locate it under SETTINGS>>APPS/APPLICATION MANAGER>>Depending on your phone, it may be under system apps or installed apps.

If unable to find it, try using MENU (the three lines or dots in the top right corner of your app settings)>>SHOW SYSTEM>>DT IGNITE>>UNINSTALL.

One last thing You should know about Mobile Services Manager

One way to avoid the Mobile Services Manager fiasco is to avoid buying carrier phones altogether. That saves you a load of stress. However, if you’d like to stick to carrier phones, thankfully it’s possible to delete both the app and any applications it installed on your behalf!

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