Budget mobile

Budget mobile



Owning a phone has been in vogue since the last century. Initially, when the landline or wired phones were invented, there was a rush for owning it. It was taken as a status symbol. Then slowly as the world moves towards wireless connectivity, the mobile phone revolution came in. Then the dream of every person on earth was to own a mobile phone so that each and every individual can “walk the talk”. The manufacturers left no stones unturned when it came to the manufacturing of mobile phones. At the same time, affordability was an issue which had to be taken into consideration.

Business entrepreneurs wanted to get a toehold in the market and garner a number of users. The best way is to manufacture budget phones, which are affordable and most of the people with a low budget can afford to buy them. In the early days, there was a company with the name of “Nokia”.

They were leading the world space in mobile phones under various categories. One of them was the budget phone segment. However, the entry of the Chinese manufacturers made the competition a bit lopsided, considering the fact that the budget phones on offer were not up to the mark on a number of parameters. Let us discuss the pros and cons of such type of budget phones, which will help us, understand and guide us into buying a product which will serve our needs and stay with us for a reasonable long time.

Pros and Cons of Budget Phones:


  1. Design: The design has come a long way since the time, the budget phone has hit the market. They are coming in trendy styles and with all sorts of color combinations.
  2. Display: They are quite prominent and eye-catching. This display is what is attracting customers in huge numbers.
  3. External SD Card: These phones have been enabled, so that the memory can be extended, without disturbing the internal configuration.
  4. Camera: This also comes with a camera for the basic purpose.


  1. The body of the phone: It’s made of plastic and hence there is a chance of it getting cracked, in case it falls down from the hand, table or bed.
  2. The longevity of the battery takes a hit.
  3. Heating Effect: Long use of the phone leads the phone getting heated up. This is a big drawback.
  4. The speed is slow and the apps take a little longer to open.
  5. All the apps may or may not function fully


This is a life-saving device which can be used to call anyone for any emergency services. A lot of governments have tied with various service providers and manufacturers to offer budget phones for all those people who are underprivileged and are not in a position to avail even the basic services. People who are availing government aid are the main beneficiaries and users of budget phones.

Overall, a budget phone is certainly a boon for a lot of people. Underprivileged countries and developing nations are the main users of the budget phones. A phone is used for connecting people, that’s what the budget phones are meant to do and it’s doing with great aplomb!!

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