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Choose a Design Software

How to make a mobile game?

Whether you are looking to make some money or just want to create something you and your friends will enjoy, making a mobile game will add much value to your life. Not only is the finished product fun, but the process is as well.

Even if you have no experience as a coder or graphic designer, you can still create a product that is expert quality. No matter your reasons, continue reading below in order to understand how you can best make a mobile game.

Your first move

Before you ever start work on your new mobile game, it is important that you plan out the style and content of your app:

  • Choose a color scheme and style. Do you want your game to have dark colors, pastels? Do you want characters to look realistic or cartoonish? These are important questions for building a recognizable game.
  • Decide on a goal and way to play. Specific types of games have certain software that will work best for designing. Your game might be arcade, adventure, or something else. You decide!

These are important factors to note in the planning stage of developing your mobile game.

Choose a Design Software

Choose a Design Software

To make a game with little or no knowledge of coding, you must use software that will automatically assist you with the more technical side of mobile game development. As was mentioned before, your style and type of game will influence what software you use.

You also must decide if your game will be 2D or 3D. With these factors in mind, it is important that you research development software and ensure that your game will be compatible with the phone operating system you desire.  Now that you’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, you can start having some fun!

Tell a Story or Create a Problem

Tell a Story or Create a Problem

The fun of mobile games is that you get to go on a journey or solve a problem that the main characters are facing. This can be as simple as scoring goals to win a game or as complex as collecting all the treasure throughout a large virtual world.  If there is nothing to keep players coming back, they won’t share it with their friends or play it for very long.

As you begin to design and create on your development software, keep these things in mind:

  • Reason to Play. People who download the mobile game must have reason to continue playing. This can be achievements or competing against friends. Just be creative.
  • Consistent Branding. If you want your game to be shared, then it must be recognized. These days, the most popular games are recognized at first glance. A person will see someone else and download the game on the spot.
  • Have fun. Even if this app is being developed to make money, people can tell when a game has been developed by someone who has had fun in the process. It shines through and increases the enjoyment of the players.

Keep working hard to develop your game and make it the very best it can be when you launch it.

Make more mobile games

Make more mobile games

Practice truly makes perfect. Your first game might be enjoyable, but you can always fine-tune and come up with new ideas. You already have the software you need, keep developing until you’ve created something fun for everyone!


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